bg image Cold, Wet, Hard 2 - The Life Erotic - Suzanna D
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Cold, Wet, Hard 2 - The Life Erotic - Suzanna D

MetArt Studio has released a new video titled "Cold, Wet, Hard 2 - The Life Erotic - Suzanna D". This video , featuring the performance of Suzanna D, became available for streaming and download on PornDude on Wed, 07 Apr 2021.
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Studio: MetArt
Pornstars: Suzanna D
Categories: Fetish, HD videos, Solo
Resolution: Full HD resolution - 1080p
Views : 8,304
Release date: Wed, 07 Apr 2021
Introduction and screenplay of the film: Horny Suzanna D is all set for a session of candlelit solo sex. Dressed in an open-crotch lace-and-fishnet bodystocking, she sits on a rocking chair and chills an ornate glass dildo with ice. Meanwhile, she runs a large ice chip over her beautiful breasts and down to her shaved pussy. With red-manicured fingers she plays it over her puffy folds, then slips it inside… A second chunk follows it in, and she savors the contrast between the cold, hard ice and her soft, warm flesh. She masturbates, teasing her clit as the cube melts in her snatch, then plows herself with the cold dildo. As the thick, ridged shaft catches her most sensitive spots, she takes herself to the edge of orgasm, full tits heaving as her body spasms. Next, she slips another ice chip in her pussy and uses the dildo to stuff it in deep. Toes pointed and poking out through the fishnet, she moans as she gives herself over to pleasure. Then she stands up to reveal a huge wet spot on the chair. Flaunting her stunning ass, she spins around and kneels between the seat and table. Gyrating her body, Suzanna rubs more ice over her crack and asshole then pushes it in her snatch. This time, the camera moves in for a close-up shot as she inserts it then penetrates herself with the glass toy. The ice, soon reduced to a tiny wet bead, slips out her dripping hole, but she continues to screw herself from behind with the dildo. Lounging back and rocking in the chair, knees bent and thighs splayed, she slides one final ice chip inside – the glass dildo rattles against it as she pounds and grinds herself hard. Her fingers strum her clit and her flexible body contorts as she cums. She works the toy against her clit to prolong the pleasure and, moments before the picture fades, the melting ice chips pop back out of her pussy…
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